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Ultimate Aesthetics 

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Add volume and shape with our range of youthful aesthetic treatments.

Dermal Lip Fillers (0.5ml) 
£ 140
Dermal Lip Fillers (1ml) 
£ 180
Dermal Filler Marionette Lines (0.5ml)
£ 140
Dermal Filler Marionette Lines (1ml)
£ 180
Dermal Filler Nasolabial Lines (0.5ml)£140
Dermal Filler Nasolabial Lines (1ml)
Dermal Filler Dissolving Hyaluronidase£99
Nasolabial Folds (1ml)
Glips Lip Filler (1ml)
Glips Lip Filler (0.5ml)
Lip Filler Revolax (1ml)
Lip Filler Revolax (0.5ml)
Plasma Fibroblast for Jowls *Available on finance
£ 195
Plasma Fibroblast for Lips Top (smokers Lines) *Available on finance
£ 150
Plasma Fibroblast For Lips (bottom) *Available on finance
£ 150
Plasma Fibroblast For Crows Feet *Available on finance
£ 100
Plasma Fibroblast For Eyelids *Available on finance
£ 150
Fibroblast For Age Spot Removal
from £ 70
Fibroblast For Number 11's *Available on finance
£ 120 
Fibroblast Neck Area *Available on finance
£ 150
Fibroblast for under Eyes *Available on finance£ 150
Fibroblast Ultimate Eyes (Crows Feet, Bags, Under Eyes) *Available on finance
£ 300 
Anti Wrinkle Injections 1 area *Available on finance
Anti Wrinkle Injections 2 areas *Available on finance
Anti Wrinkle Injections 3 areas *Available on finance
Chin Dermal Fillers (1ml) *Available on finance£180
Jawline Dermal Fillers (2ml) *Available on finance£300
Cheek Dermal Fillers (2ml) *Available on finance£300
Plasma Fibroblast Age Spot Removal 
£ 50
Plasma Fibroblast For The Neck Area *Available on finance
£ 150
Nasolabial Folds (2ml) *Available on finance
£ 260
Ultimate facial with Micro Needling and Derma Planing
£ 85
Plasma Fibroblast Ultimate Eyes *Available on finance
£ 300
Plasma Fibroblast for Crows Feet *Available on finance£ 100
Plasma Pen (Fibroblast) For Eyelids *Available on finance
£ 150
Plasma Fibroblast For Number 11's (between Eyes) *Available on finance
£ 100
Marionette Lines (0.5ml) *Available on finance
£ 140
Vitamin B12 Shot£ 25
Vitamin C Shot £ 25

Aqualux Fat Dissolving Injection *Available on finance

from £ 150
Ultimate Fat Jab *Available on financefrom £150


our Testimonials

"What an amazing salon. All staff friendly and professional. Felt so relaxed when I came out! Highly recommend."

Suzanna Grourk

" I had HD brows done here and I was really pleased with the results! What a beautiful salon with such friendly service. I can’t wait to come back! 💕 "

Sam Notters

"My daughter and I both had a dermaplane facial with the 24ct gold mask yesterday - it was truly amazing. Sophie and Abbie are absolutely lovely, the treatment was fantastic and we both left looking and feeling so radiant! A Gorgeous salon and we can’t wait to go back for our next session!! 💕💕💕 Amazing results - Luxurious experience - Nice décor"

Kay Jay

"Highly recommend! So pleased with my anti wrinkle injections. I was so nervous having it done as it’s something so new to me, but results were amazing and couldn’t believe the difference and at such a great price 👌 loving the new me 😊"

Claire Dance

"Kirsten was so reassuring and professional, and went seriously above and beyond with after care and checking that everything was ok with lip fillers. I cannot thank her enough! Highly recommend 💜👄 Experienced stylists - Last-minute appointments"

Nicole Evans

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