The eyes have it! Frame your most alluring asset with perfect brows using MicroBlading

Microblading, as its name suggests, is a type of cosmetic non-permanent make-up done with, a tiny manual (and not a mechanical) hand-held tool, made by a skilled artist with micro-capabilities, with tiny, hair-growing needles similar to a blade (called a microblade) to carefully draw each hair separately and implant the color pigment in the skin. The micro-capabilities enable the artist to do intricate detailed work on the face, eyebrows, and other areas of the face. These fine hairs can be drawn without damaging the surrounding skin; hence no risk of scarring is experienced. However, many people have requested microblading because they want a more permanent effect. If you want your eyebrows tattooed permanently, you may opt for micro-body tattooing.

This new micro-tattooing technique gives an individual the opportunity to change the shape and the depth of their eyebrows in a safe and non-invasive way. There are a number of benefits that one can gain from microblading. One of them is that with micro-body tattooing, the eyebrows can be shaped, made finer or even completely changed. Other than that, microblading can give you a more natural looking appearance to your eyebrows. As you can clearly see from the picture above, microblading can be used to enhance both the upper and lower brows.

Microblading is an ideal micro-tattooing solution for individuals who want to enhance the eyebrows without undergoing any pain, downtime, or costs. A professional artist, using microblading as their tool, will draw the outline of the eyebrows. Afterward, they will have the ability to precisely sculpt the eyebrows to any degree and shape that you want. After that, it's just up to you to decide whether you want the eyebrows to be drawn on an angle, arched or straight.

This microblading treatment lasts only for about two to six weeks and after that, you'll need to have another treatment every six weeks. During your second session, you will again have the ability to adjust and manipulate the angles and the shapes of your eyebrows. The second session usually follows a week when the artist puts some drops of coloring solution on the skin around the eyes. The coloring solution will help the artist to make the outline of your eyebrows and give them a more defined appearance.

Microblading as an alternative to traditional eyeliner and makeup application can give you a much more natural-looking and natural look. Compared to having traditional eyeliner applied to your upper and lower brows separately, using microblading as an alternative allows for an easier application. With this micro-tattoo, you'll no longer have to worry about applying the color on crooked, over-shaped, or improperly placed brows. Microblading works perfectly well with any eyebrows that are properly placed in the area.

Another advantage of microblading as an alternative makeup procedure is that the esthetician or professional who is performing the procedure can place the colors around the eyes on a trial basis. If during a microdermabrasion session, you feel as if the color is not where you want it, the esthetician can change the colors around and reposition them to your liking. Microdermabrasion as an alternative makeup procedure can also be done on a smaller area such as the cheeks, below the eyes or on the nose, which is usually less difficult. Another great thing about this procedure is that it does not require anesthesia. Since most patients are given a local anesthetic while undergoing this procedure, there is no pain involved.

Another advantage of microblading as an alternative makeup procedure is that the colors are blended beautifully and do not appear unnatural or fake. The process of blending the microblading pigments is completed by the professional and the patient is able to have a great looking and natural-looking finish. The esthetician will place tiny dots of the microblading pigment over areas around the eyes, forehead, or chin so that they blend beautifully with the rest of your facial features. The process is easy enough that anyone can perform it and looks very natural.

Microblading as an alternative makeup procedure can be done at home and does not require a visit to a professional salon. There is no pain involved during the procedure and very little downtime. You can easily complete multiple treatments at home and the results are even more beautiful because the pigment colors blend so naturally with your natural skin tone. This type of procedure can dramatically improve the way you look. It does require a bit of practice but after a few microblading sessions, you will find yourself looking better than ever.